Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change XP SP3 product key,?

I have about 20 computers in my office. I have only kept the cd for the xp sp3 disks. these machines are dell computers. i have recently found out that dell included the product key automatically on these xp disks. how to i change from the product key pre programed on the disk to the key on the sticker on the machine.How to change XP SP3 product key,?
Okay- Your gonna use what called a Keyfinder. It will allow you to change the key. The one on the machine is the OEM key..

anyhow I linked you to it. I specialize in Windows XP at work and NO clue on what ';jason: is talking about..?.

Take careHow to change XP SP3 product key,?
The Product Key on the machine will only work if the original OEM disk is used to install Windows.

If Windows is still working the use a Product Key finder to find the existing key and use it(with any install disc) to reinstall Windows.

Thats against Microsoft policy. One key per pc.

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